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Phone and Warranty

Battery Performance

Since everyone uses their phone differently, the battery performance may vary. In addition to using your phone to make and receive calls, the following habits also influence battery performance:

  • Receiving or sending text messages, taking pictures, playing games, listening to music, using background lighting, roaming, as well as weather conditions such as heat, cold and humidity.

Measuring battery performance

  • Each phone manufacturer conducts its own continuous talk time and standby time measurements according to the following standard procedures below. Fido’s certification team then validates its findings.
    • To measure continuous talk time
      • In a laboratory setting, a phone with a fully charged battery receives a call and transmits signals until the battery is completely discharged.
    • To measure standby time:
      • The same procedure is used as for continuous talk time, except that the phone is turned on, but no calls are received.

To maximize your battery’s performance, refer to your phone’s user guide for battery use and care.