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Recycle your phone

Reduce hunger

Fido and Rogers Wireless are the national wireless sponsors for the Phones for Food program. In partnership with Food Banks Canada, the program diverts waste from landfills and helps alleviate hunger by raising funds for local food banks.

Since the program’s inception in 2003, we have recycled over 400,000 used wireless devices and raised over $600,000 in funds supporting local food banks. Recovered phones are either reused or recycled according to environmental standards by an approved electronic recycler. Fido is proud to have been involved with the program since 2007.

Here are 3 ways to donate your used phone and make a difference:

  • Simply drop it off at any Fido or Rogers store.
  • Place your used phone in the postage-paid recycling envelope included in most new Fido phone boxes. Then just drop it in any mailbox. That's all there is to it!

Important: Be sure to delete all personal content such as contacts, messages, pictures, etc. before returning your phone.

For more information about the Phones for Food program, visit Phones For Food.